The UGB is a street-side staircase theater at Elsewhere created by Troy Briggs, Jon Brumit, Joe Jeffers, Jeff Kolar, Meredith Kooi, Michael Milano, David More and Shannon Stratton and equipped with a sound system and custom console that integrates the museum’s organ, an analog synthesizer, low-power FM transmitter, and several mixing capabilities.

The new theater was prepared by patching and giving the walls of the staircase a fresh coat of paint to draw attention to Martyna Szczesna’s double vaulted ceiling. The stairs were cleaned, sanded and refinished to provide stadium seating. The console was installed at the landing for a stage with seating potential on both sides of the building’s threshold. Performances are live broadcast from the ballroom throughout the museum and its neighborhood on 88.1 FM.

I facilitated the creation of the project and then managed the venue after the artists returned home, bringing in experimental musicians, artists, and emcees from Greensboro and beyond. I created this zine before I left to facilitate the institutional memory needed to keep the space alive.