Alive in the Kitchen is food performance for the internet and real life, produced by Mitch, Val, Emily, Katie, Lyric, Danny, Chris, Michelle and olive the friends. We're currently producing live events and workshops with all types of new acquaintances. 

Lettuce know if you're interested in collaborating:

We worked with Ava Lowrey on a quick documentary at Cucalorus 2014.


The three main components of the project are explained below:




Alive in the Kitchen TV was five impromptu episodes of a cooking-show-gone-weird for ACRE TV's Psychedelicatessen. Here's a preview:



The Pancake Social at SECCA was our art-institution debut. Attendees enjoyed pancakes screenprinted with messages in chocolate syrup (Who made this? Where is this from? How does it taste?) , watched videos, and talked.


Foodlab was an after-school program with the staff and students of Jackson Middle of Greensboro, NC.