My work uses moving image, sound, installation and performance to assert the value of durational and embodied experience as methods for critical existence. A background working in radio, documentation, landscaping, and cheffing gives me various reference points for temporal structures and relationships that inform my practice and often function as entry points to deeper systems of consumption, replication, and exchange. I look to the interrupting functions of humor, noise, and somatic feeling as time-based models, if not specific tools, for short-circuiting the usual patterns of our consciousness in order to introduce alternative modes of meaning-making. I create work that crystallizes over time, making visible the distance between our expectations and realities with an irreverence that gives credence to the unknown and the possibility of yet-to-be-imagined futures.

I lived around the southeast and beyond before arriving in the midwest. Along the way I’ve worked with Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC; James Ranch in Durango, CO; Ox-Bow in Saugatuck, MI; and the Education Justice Project in Urbana, IL. My artwork has been shown in refrigerators, film festivals, books, dumpsters, museums, and the middle of the woods; some of those institutions include the Kemper Art Museum, High & Outside, the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, the Hemispheric Institute, Ninth Letter, Big Car, the8fest, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, ACRE TV, the High Point Museum, Lawrence & Clark, G-CADD, the Bridge PAI, 1067 Pacific People, Hairpin Arts Center, and Cucalorus Festival.

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